Pair Bulk Android App v1.0?

I've added an about screen and a details screen to my initial foray as an android app developer. I think it's to a point that I don't want to make the source code available to my mythical audience any more! The executable app is available for downloading to an android device here. v1.40 is now the latest version of my app. From the bottom of
NOTE: Anyone installing your app (which is an ".apk" file) will need to change the setting on their phone to allow installation of non-market applications:
So if you want to do that surf to this page on your android device and click on the link above. No warranty expressed or implied.

I registered with google as a developer and could put it in the Google Play (probably for free) when the Pair bulk service is out of beta. A few more bells and whistles and I think I'd really have something. Pretty cool for being 8 days out from getting that book from my library! I put a beta version of similar app in Google Play. It uses the web service.

Here are screen shots from what I'm calling a possible version 1.0 release candidate. Shown are the initial page, the patent type selection page, the results/selection page, the patent details page, the about screen, and exiting the app via the device's back button from the initial screen. In other words, shown is everything it currently does.