Abandoned Mousetraps II

Same query as on the mousetrap page only here we show all the data fields Pair Bulk Data returns. Any of which could become columns on the original version of this page!
{ "searchText":"mousetrap", "fq":["appStatus:\"Patent Expired Due to NonPayment of Maintenance Fees Under 37 CFR 1.362\""],"fl":"*","mm":"100%","df":"patentTitle","qf":"patentTitle", "facet":"false", "sort":"applId asc","start":"0" }
This page shows that we can request the next 20 rows by adding 20 to the "start" field.

Below we see that cpc's are not returned by the Pair Bulk Data webservice which is a problem. Also problematic, only a single uspc is returned. 5,481,824 has two uspc 43/85; 43/81 as shown on uspto.gov yet only one is returned by the Pair Bulk Data web service.