Beta Pair Bulk's Most Recently Issued Plant Patents

This page posts the json body below to the api's query endpoint. Patents are issued on Tuesdays so we'll ask for plant patents issued between a date range that includes the most recent Tuesday (today if applicable) and the soonest Tuesday that hasn't happened yet (one to seven days from now). The sort is by patent number descending. The ones with null patent numbers and null issue dates appear to be ones that will be issued on the future Tuesday! Pair Bulk sends back up to 20 rows of results on each request. The initial results are shown below and up to 20 additional rows are displayed when the "Get More Patents" link is clicked.

Below we just display a few of the columns that come back from Pair Bulk. This page shows all the preview data that comes back from the initial request. The table below can be copied and pasted into excel etc.

{ "searchText":"*:*", "fq":["appTypeFacet:\"Plant\"","patentIssueDate:[]"],"fl":"*","mm":"100%", "df":"patentTitle","qf":"patentTitle", "facet":"true","sort":"patentNumber desc","start":"0" }

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Patent No.Issue DateTitleClassification
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