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One of the more novel features of Pair Bulk Data is the ability to search by status. On other sample pages I've done searches with a keyword of mousetrap and a status meaning that the patent is expired due to a failure to pay maintenance fees. Here I provide a drop down of other statuses and an input box in case you want to look for something other than expired mousetrap patents.

Initially we display the first twenty that come back in the web service's data preview. Clicks on the "Get More" link will retrieve the next 20 rows from the web service. It's probably a slight abuse of the preview data that comes back on reach request but hey, it does what I want it to do and their download option is cumbersome to say the least. The table below can be copied and pasted into excel etc.

Check out mousetrap 2 to see what fields come back from Pair Bulk Data. They could be columns here. (It also shows how the data will look if you select json as the download option on




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appl IdPatent No.Issue Date App Status Date Title Classification
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